About us



Create a secured, reliable and enabling Ethiopian cyber space by coordinating and building national capacity of proactive readiness and effective incident response centered on analysis.


  • Trustworthiness

  • Innovation

  • Scientific

  • Democracy

  • Synergy

  • Saving

Capacity building and Certification
    • Create general cyber security awareness at nation wide

    • Provide education on cyber-attack to concerned bodies.

    • Train cyber security professionals regularly and certify

    • Strengthen the national CER2Tand work to be certified (fulfill international standard)

    • Create, strengthen and certify organizational CER2Ts

    • Deploy the necessary infrastructure

    • Prepare necessary policies, procedures, standards
    • Create team spirit and coordinate

    • Use the Coordination abundantly to achieve the missions.

    • Create global relationship




Monitor national cyber security 24/7

  • Simulate honey systems to identity cyber  attacks 

  • Accept cyber attack complaint

  • Collect cyber attack data

  • Provide necessary information for  concerned body analysis

  • Conduct malware and intrusion analysis  to identify  attack causes and extract  signatures   

  • Conduct investigation on cyber attacks

  • Conduct cyber security intelligence analysis to identify and predict cyber-attack targets,  vulnerabilities, trends

  • Correlate cyber attacks

  • Prepare and provide cyber security statistics at national level for policy makers.
Proactive readiness

   • Conduct regular risk assessment and identify vulnerability

   • Assure performance of cyber security products based on standards

   • Assure capacity of cyber security professionals based on standards

   • Assure cyber security policy and procedure implementations

   • Watch the technology and update  professionals
Incident Response

   •  Fix vulnerabilities (conduct security systems configuration, patch etc)

   • Conduct signatures update

   • Conduct recovery actions   • Assure business continuity during cyber attacks