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null Cisco ፣ Fortinet እና VMware ወሳኝ የ ደህንነት ማሻሻያዎች አደረጉ።

🛡 Urgent Security Alert 🚨 Cisco, Fortinet, and VMware have released critical updates to address vulnerabilities in their systems. 🆘 Ensure your systems are protected by applying patches immediately.
🔗 Cisco's flaws (CVE-2024-20252, CVE-2024-20254, CVE-2024-20255) impact Expressway Series, potentially allowing unauthorized actions. Patch available in versions 14.3.4 and 15.0.0.
🛑 Fortinet addresses bypasses for CVE-2023-34992 in FortiSIEM Supervisor with updates in versions 7.1.2+, 7.2.0+ (upcoming), 7.0.3+ (upcoming), 6.7.9+ (upcoming), 6.6.5+ (upcoming), 6.5.3+ (upcoming), and 6.4.4+ (upcoming).
🔐 VMware warns of 5 vulnerabilities in Aria Operations for Networks (CVE-2024-22237 to CVE-2024-22241). Users advised to upgrade to version 6.12.0.
🚨 Don't wait! Prioritize cybersecurity with immediate patching. Your organization's safety is paramount. #CyberSecurity #PatchNow #Cisco #Fortinet #VMware #InfoSec