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null DirtyMoe የተሰኘው malware በ ዩክሬን የሚገኙ ከ 2000 በላይ ኮምፒዩተሮችን ማጥቅቱ ተዘገበ።

Cybersecurity Alert
: Ukraine's CERT-UA warns of a major threat! Over 2,000 computers infected by DirtyMoe malware attributed to UAC-0027. This strain, active since 2016, can execute cryptojacking and DDoS attacks. Stay vigilant, update systems, enforce network segmentation, and monitor for anomalies.

In a parallel development, the ongoing phishing campaign "STEADY#URSA" targets Ukrainian military personnel, deploying a PowerShell backdoor called SUBTLE-PAWS. Linked to Shuckworm, associated with Russia's FSB, this attack leverages a malicious shortcut (.lnk) file.

Cybersecurity researchers note SUBTLE-PAWS' advanced techniques, utilizing Telegram's blogging platform for command-and-control info. Vigilance is key, as this threat can spread through USB drives.
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