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Semien Fox Anti-malware

Semien Fox Anti-malware

Product Info

Semien-Fox Anti-Malware v.1.0


Semien Fox Anti-Malware is a product that ensures protection against the growing threat of malware in Ethiopia. It's developed with the intent of combating malwares that are most prevalent in and around Ethiopia.

Minimum System requirements

 Windows XP Operating System

500 KB to 1 MB of free hard disk space (includes updates)

64 MB of RAM (Windows XP minimum RAM requirement)


 1. Scanner

A.    Full Scan  -  Scans the whole computer for threats.

B.     File Scan  -  Scans a specific file or folder.

C.     Process Scan  -  Scans all running processes and loaded modules.

D.    Removable Drive Scan  -  Detects removable device insertion and gives the user the option of scanning.

Note:  SFAM supports unlimited number of scan instances.

2. Updater

You can update the virus signature database and other components to their latest version. There are two update types.   

Remote Update - Downloads recent updates from online servers. 

Manual Update - After downloading the latest update bundle from, extract it and select it as the update source. You can use this bundle to update computers that don't have an internet connection.

3.  Malware Report

Report malware sample in a password protected Zipped Format

 4. Registry Fixer

This tool allows you to revert common malicious registry patches made by malware.


Q: Should I use SFAM as a primary anti-virus?

A: No. Although SFAM can detect hundreds of computer viruses, it's still less than 0.01% of the total virus population.

Q: Why should I use it then?

A: Large anti-virus firms tend to focus more on global threats. As a result, it takes them months to respond to threats emerging from in and around East Africa. SFAM, developed with the intent of combating viruses that are most prevalent in this region, adresses this gap by providing timely updates whenever threats occur.

Q: Why is my firewall program blocking SFAM?

A: If your firewall is set to block any outgoing connections (in addition to blocking incoming connections), SFAM will get blocked when it tries to update since it needs to connect to online servers to download files. Set SFAM as an exception in your respective firewall program's settings to solve this problem.

Q: How can I exit SFAM?

A: Clicking on the close button on the main window will only minimize it to the system tray. To exit SFAM, right click on the SFAM icon on the system tray and click on "Exit".

Q: Do I have to cancel an ongoing scan inorder to scan a new item?

A: No. SFAM supports an unlimited number of scan instances at any given time.

Q: Can SFAM scan files that have unicode names?

A: Yes. SFAM has full support of the unicode format.

Q: How can I know which version of SFAM I'm using?

A: Version details of SFAM and its components can be found on the About Window. To display the about window, right click on the SFAM icon on the system tray and click on "About".

Q: Is SFAM a FREE product?

A: Yes. If you paid for it, get a refund! You can also distribute it as per the license agreement.

Q: How can I uninstall SFAM?

A: Click on Start -> All Programs -> Semien Fox -> Uninstall