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New Attack Could Let Remote Hackers Target Devices On Internal Networks

A newly devised variant of the NAT Slipstreaming attack can be leveraged to compromise and expose any device in an internal network.


Microsoft Issues Patches for Defender Zero-Day and 82 Other Windows Flaws

For the first patch Tuesday of 2021, Microsoft released security updates addressing a total of 83 flaws spanning as many as 11 products and services, including an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability.


Ransomware Attackers Using SystemBC Malware With RAT and Tor Proxy

Cybercriminals are increasingly outsourcing the task of deploying ransomware to affiliates using commodity malware and attack tools.


New Evidence Suggests SolarWinds' Codebase Was Hacked to Inject Backdoor

The investigation into how the attackers managed to compromise SolarWinds' internal network and poison the company's software updates is still underway, but we may be one step closer to understanding what appears to be a very meticulously planned and highly-sophisticated supply chain attack.


US Agencies and FireEye Were Hacked Using SolarWinds Software Backdoor

State-sponsored actors allegedly working for Russia have targeted the US Treasury, the Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), and other government agencies to monitor internal email traffic as part of a widespread cyberespionage campaign.


Watch Out! Adrozek Malware Hijacking Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Yandex Browsers

Microsoft on Thursday took the wraps off an ongoing campaign impacting popular web browsers that stealthily injects malware-infested ads into search results to earn money via affiliate advertising.


Zero-Click Wormable RCE Vulnerability Reported in Microsoft Teams

A zero-click remote code execution (RCE) bug in Microsoft Teams desktop apps could have allowed an adversary to execute arbitrary code by merely sending a specially-crafted chat message and compromise a target's system.


WARNING — Critical Remote Hacking Flaws Affect D-Link VPN Routers

Some widely sold D-Link VPN router models have been found vulnerable to three new high-risk security vulnerabilities, leaving millions of home and business networks open to cyberattacks—even if they are secured with a strong password.


Microsoft Releases Windows Update (Dec 2020) to Fix 58 Security Flaws

Microsoft on Tuesday released fixes for 58 newly discovered security flaws spanning as many as 11 products and services as part of its final Patch Tuesday of 2020, effectively bringing their CVE total to 1,250 for the year. Of these 58 patches, nine are rated as Critical, 46 are rated as Important, and three are rated Moderate in severity.


Multiple Botnets Exploiting Critical Oracle WebLogic Bug — PATCH NOW

Multiple botnets are targeting thousands of publicly exposed and still unpatched Oracle WebLogic servers to deploy crypto miners and steal sensitive information from infected systems.


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Ransomware Attackers Using SystemBC Malware With RAT and Tor Proxy

Cybercriminals are increasingly outsourcing the task of deploying ransomware to affiliates using commodity malware and attack tools.

In a new analysis recent deployments of Ryuk and Egregor ransomware have involved the use of SystemBC backdoor to laterally move across the network and fetch additional payloads for further exploitation.
Affiliates are typically threat actors responsible for gaining an initial foothold in a target network.
"SystemBC is a regular part of recent ransomware attackers' toolkits,".

"The backdoor can be used in combination with other scripts and malware to perform discovery, exfiltration and lateral movement in an automated way across multiple targets. These SystemBC capabilities were originally intended for mass exploitation, but they have now been folded into the toolkit for targeted attacks — including ransomware."

First documented by Proofpoint in August 2019, SystemBC is a proxy malware that leverages SOCKS5 internet protocol to mask traffic to command-and-control (C2) servers and download the DanaBot banking Trojan.
The SystemBC RAT has since expanded the breadth of its toolset with new characteristics that allow it to use a Tor connection to encrypt and conceal the destination of C2 communications, thus providing attackers with a persistent backdoor to launch other attacks.

Researchers note that SystemBC has been used in a number of ransomware attacks — often in conjunction with other post-exploitation tools like CobaltStrike — to take advantage of its Tor proxy and remote access features to parse and execute malicious shell commands, VBS scripts, and other DLL blobs sent by the server over the anonymous connection.

It also appears that SystemBC is just one of the many commodity tools that are deployed as a consequence of initial compromise stemming from phishing emails that deliver malware loaders like Buer Loader, Zloader, and Qbot — leading the researchers to suspect that the attacks may have been launched by affiliates of the ransomware operators, or by the ransomware gangs themselves through multiple malware-as-a-service providers.

"These capabilities give attackers a point-and-shoot capability to perform discovery, exfiltration and lateral movement with packaged scripts and executables — without having to have hands on a keyboard,".
The rise of commodity malware also points to a new trend where ransomware is offered as a service to affiliates, like it's in the case of MountLocker, where the operators provide double extortion capabilities to affiliates so as to distribute the ransomware with minimal effort.

"The use of multiple tools in ransomware-as-a-service attacks creates an ever more diverse attack profile that is harder for IT security teams to predict and deal with," Gallagher said. "Defense-in-depth, employee education and human-based threat hunting are essential to detecting and blocking such attacks."

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